Things To Do With Kids Near Legoland (Coastal Carlsbad)

Episode #5 Show Notes of “Things to Do in San Diego Podcast” with Whitney Ebert

Map of Carlsbad Village

Today we’re talking with Whitney Ebert about things to do with kids near Legoland and coastal Carlsbad. If you don’t have kids you might enjoy some of the information we cover but the most part this is a all about kids. At some point I will do a downtown Carlsbad podcast for adults.

Whitney is a 3rd grade school teacher who has a 2 and a 6 year old so we figured she’d be a great guest to discuss what to do after you finish Legoland and/or what to do with kids so that you and the kids can both enjoy your time in San Diego.

Whitney and her husband are the inventors of the Blimey Box which I think is such a clever invention for kids. Basically imagine a game that will challenge your kids and keep them busy for up to an hour while they are learning but without electronics. It is like an escape room or big logic puzzle but for K-3rd grade.

The reason I wanted to mention it is because I wish something like that was available when we took my kids on vacation or out to dinner so that we could enjoy dinner without the kids getting antsy after 15 min.

In 3 words how would you describe the vibe of coastal Carlsbad or the Legoland area?

Beachy, casual and family friendly.

Map of Agua Hedionda Lagoon in Carlsbad

How is transportation/parking on the coast of Carlsbad?

Parking on the coast and in downtown Carlsbad is atrocious during the summer. Either Uber/Lyft, get their super early or take the train to downtown Carlsbad. Other times of the year it isn’t too bad.

Shopping in coastal Carlsbad

Carlsbad Premium Outlets – a nice outdoor mall next to Legoland and the Flower Fields. If you are here during the X-mas holiday, check out the events at the mall like taking pictures with Santa and the tree lighting ceremony.

Hint: if you are here for 4th of July, you can get a great view on the street above the Flower Fields and Outlet mall of several firework displays from Point Loma to Oceanside.

The Shoppes at Carlsbad – The Shoppes are found near the 78 Freeway and 5 Freeway on the border of Carlsbad and Oceanside. The mall is undergoing a major reconstruction. Nice movie theaters, restaurants and some shopping. More shopping coming as the mall finishes the renovation. Easy place to take kids.

By the way, they do have quite a giant comic shop, Comics-N-Stuff, in the mall that my kids really love.

Hotels Near Legoland

Grand Pacific Palisades Resort and Hotel – Whitney had friends who stayed here. This is walking distance to Legoland. The pools are so incredible that her friends kids didn’t want to leave to go to Legoland.

Hilton Cape Rey Carlsbad – located by Carlsbad campground. Beautiful view of the ocean.


Batiquitos Lagoon – This hike is easy even for Whitney’s 2-year old. Big flat paths. Nature Reserve near Aviara Golf course.

Calavera Hills – Although it is not as pretty, it is better for hiking. Whitney’s daughter can do part of it then she puts her daughter on her back for the rest of it. Her 6-year old has no problem.

Agua Hedionda – You’ll find a discovery center and preserve at the south part of this lagoon. Lots of hiking available around the lagoon.

Hidden Canyon Park – Whitney didn’t even know about this park and playground until recently. Great play structure. This is one of those kinds of parks that feels closed in and tucked away.

Museums and Tours Near Legoland

Museum of Making Music – The Museum of Making Music might be one of the best kept secrets in all of Carlsbad. It is Whitney’s son’s favorite museum Very interactive museum that covers the history of music and instruments. At the end is a super interactive area with drums, guitars, keyboards and other instruments that the kids can play for as long as they would like. Fun gift shop too.

Green Dragon Tavern and Museum – According to the website this tiny museum is, “Focused on the contributions of our founders during colonial-American history, our museum and educational exhibits feature authentic original documents from the eras and reconnect our guests with the life, times, and still prevalent innovations and perspectives of those who shaped our great country.” This place is mostly a bar, restaurant and an area for events that is decorated in an old colonial style.

Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is just across the street from Legoland. We talk about it in podcast #4 about La Costa and South Carlsbad. Also find information in the show notes too.

Chuao Chocolate – On Whitney’s list of places to go but her friends have gone and have loved it. It is really great chocolate. Tours are a few times a week.

Beaches and Lagoons

Batiquitos Lagoon in Carlsbad

We are fortunate here with beaches. They are really big and usually not too crowded (compared to the rest of San Diego beaches that are to the south). North Carlsbad Beach, Carlsbad State Beach (also known as Tamarack Beach), South State Beach, Terramar Beach, South Ponto Beach

Aqua Hedionda Lagoon – Agua Hedionda is the north lagoon. Ton south side of that lagoon is Legoland. If you go to Bay Shore Drive you will get to an area with a beach. They bring their paddle boards. No swimming is allowed but there is a nice sandy area that is great for making sandcastles.

Terramar Beach Tide pools – take a look at the tide charts to go during low tide. Smaller beach that is tucked into between nice houses. We get low tide 2 times a day. Fine Sea Cucumbers Sea Anemones, Sea Stars, Octupus, etc.

Map of South Carlsbad Coast with Legoland – Many things to do with kids in this area.


That Pizza Place – Whitney loves this place especially because of the penny rides on the car and horse for the kids.


Carlsbad State Beach – Camping at Carlsbad State beach is great and inexpensive however it is booked 6 months in advance. Get reservations early!


TGIF Concerts in the Park – Four parks now participate in Concerts in the Park in the Summer. This is really an incredible event every Friday night in the summers for the entire family. Kids can play on the playground, participate with arts and crafts and run around. Parents can bring picnics or buy food. Alcohol and glass are allowed. Shuttles run to local parking lots very often to help with parking. These are free events with great bands.

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