Introduction to Things to do in San Diego Podcast

Show Notes from Episode #1

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This podcast is both for locals of San Diego and Tourists. We’re not going to be covering the typical San Diego attractions because those have been covered so many times. 

I’m interested in discovering the hidden gems and secret spots that only the locals know.

If you are a local to San Diego County, you know how big it is, right? The county measures 4,526 square miles which is bigger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined. 

If you are a tourist, you might want to take a look at the map of the county.

San Diego County from the ocean to mountains to deserts to Mexico

Just in San Diego proper there are so many small communities. For example there is the Gaslamp, Old Town, Hillcrest, North Park, University Heights, Coronado, South Park, Normal Heights, Clairemont Mesa, National City, Little Italy, Mission Valley, Linda Vista and I could name so many more. 

Up and down the coast are other interesting cities beach towns such as Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, Mission Bay La Jolla, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Oceanside. That is only a tiny part of only the west coast edge of San Diego County. 

If you go up into the mountains of San Diego County, we have Palomar Mountain, Julian, Ramona just to name a few. Far easy of San Diego county we find the Anza Borrego Desert. The back country is amazing and deserves some more attention, especially If you love nature and hiking. 

Premise of the Show

My point is that there is so many towns and great things to do in San Diego County than one person could possibly know. I can’t possibly know the gems of places that are more than 15-20 minutes away. You have to live in that specific, hyper-local area to know where to go. 

That is the premise of the show. 

Every week on this show I’m going to talk about a different area of San Diego. I’ll find a guest who lives in that area who also loves good food and loves to find those special things to do. I will be vetting these guests. No one gets paid or compensated and no place is mentioned unless it is truly a place the guest loves. 

A few months ago. I met a guy from England who had never been to San Diego before. His biggest frustration was trying to find hotels as he wasn’t sure what areas of San Diego were nice and safe for his family versus that areas that were in his words “dodgy”. He had moved hotels once but mentioned that there just wasn’t a good source despite so much written about San Diego on the different areas of San Diego. 

He wanted to know where to shop, where the tourists hang out, where the locals hung out and the vibe of the different areas/neighborhoods.

His feedback gave me the idea to spend the first few minutes of the show going over that type of information so that you know whether or not that is the part of San Diego you want to visit. I hope it saves you time, money and prevents you from having a bad experience.

Extra Episodes

In between these weekly episodes, I may have episodes that will focus on a specific theme. We might cover the best coffee houses, breweries, wineries or maybe the best places to hike or picnic. Honestly, what we cover depends on the experience and knowledge of the guests I can find.

Upcoming Episode

Our next episode is on North Park. North Park is only 2 miles from down town San Diego. It is famous for the concentration of breweries. Within 3 miles there is something like 20 breweries and tasting rooms.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have the best day ever in San Diego.