Things To Do With Kids Near Legoland (Coastal Carlsbad)

Carlsbad, Kid Friendly, Podcast
Episode #5 Show Notes of "Things to Do in San Diego Podcast" with Whitney Ebert Map of Carlsbad Village Today we're talking with Whitney Ebert about things to do with kids near Legoland and coastal Carlsbad. If you don't have kids you might enjoy some of the information we cover but the most part this is a all about kids. At some point I will do a downtown Carlsbad podcast for adults. Whitney is a 3rd grade school teacher who has a 2 and a 6 year old so we figured she'd be a great guest to discuss what to do after you finish Legoland and/or what to do with kids so that you and the kids can both enjoy your time in San Diego. Whitney and her husband are…
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