About Things To Do in San Diego Podcast

Are you finding yourself a bit frustrated when you search the web for things to do in San Diego County but all you find are the really expensive and/or very popular tourist destinations like Legoland, Sea World and the Wild Animal Park?

My Daughter at Butterfly Farms

Whether you live in San Diego County, have plans to visit or maybe you are entertaining friends and family coming into town, there is so much more to do here that is off the beaten path. There are plenty of places that are free, entertaining and memorable. Other places may cost but are well worth it.

I’m Sheri Menelli and I will be your virtual tour guide via my podcast, blog and resource page.

Why I started Things To Do In San Diego Podcast and Blog

22 years ago when we moved to San Diego, my husband and I ran a website for fun called “What’s Hot and Cool in San Diego”. It did get a lot of traffic but we got busy with jobs and life and decided to shut it down.

Just a few years before the Iphone came out, we set up a site called Road Raves. We felt that when we went on a trip up Interstate 5, for example, that it was impossible to find great places to eat. We wanted to crowd source that information but we were too far ahead of our time. It was very similar to Yelp but without something like the iphone, the site just couldn’t do what we had imagine or hoped.

Swami Meditation Garden in Encinitas

I hadn’t planned on doing another site on places to go in San Diego but a few months ago I picked up a part time job in Carlsbad, In this job I meet a lot of tourists and it is just natural for me to tell them cool, hidden spots in  to go. I love helping tourist and I love helping the owners of those places that I fell in love with.

What Do I Get Out of This?

For years when my kids were little, I felt pretty bored in San Diego. We had a yearly Legoland pass because it was down the street and it was easy to go for an hour at a time every week or so. I couldn’t find a lot that I could do with the kids that didn’t cost a fortune or that would be of interest to them.

The Creamistry in San Marcos

Now that they are teenagers, I feel that it is easier to explore restaurants, bars, breweries, wine tasting rooms, etc. I’m also finding places that I wish existed when they were young, (Yep, like a restaurant that has child care – I would have killed for that!)

In the last 22 years and really in the last 5 years, San Diego has become quite known for the microbreweries, wine tasting rooms, and so many other great places have opened up.

Since I realized that I am always giving out ideas of fun, interesting and off the beaten path places to go to my family, friends and even strangers, I’ve decided to share it. . Perhaps in sharing, I’ll also hear back and find new places that I’d like to explore.

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